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About Us

Marty Stephens _full_sm.jpgOur Mission

Our focus is to provide each patient the most benefit possible through professional healthcare and rehabilitation services.

Our goal is to elevate public awareness for greater understanding of the significance of hearing protection and conservation when loss does occur.

Our pride and joy is in improving the lives of the people whom for many years have, and those who continue, to place their trust in us.

Company History


We are very proud of the tradition of service to the hearing impaired that began in 1944 when Harold L. Boldwyn started working with Western Electric Co. hearing instruments.

As a young boy Harold attended the Jacksonville, Illinois school for the deaf. Being hearing impaired he understands what it means to live everyday with a hearing loss, depending entirely upon prosthetic devices to interact with the hearing world.

We know his experience both personally and professionally has shaped a more thorough and compassionate approach to what we do here everyday for all of us.

During his 60 years in the profession Mr. Boldwyn received numerous awards for his dedicated service to the hearing impaired and aided in the establishment of the school for the deaf in Marion, Illinois.

It is our intention to provide the same honest and dedicated service for decades to come.